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Storytelling Matters

May 30, 2018

In this podcast, we visit the world of the hidden – and how it can be revealed.

Storytelling has a lot to do with things that are hidden, that can be hidden in many different ways.

The most obvious form of hiding is in plot elements that are deliberately hidden, such as in a murder mystery. Then there are the things that are hidden that are far less concrete, but still part of the intent of the story.

But most interesting are things that lie beneath the surface, which are often not explicitly known to the teller. These are the personal meanings that the audience – and the teller! – can discover in the story without specific intent.

In this episode, we’ll hear some stories and thoughts about things that are hidden and revealed. Our guest is TZiPi Radonsky, a maggidah, Rabbi, and PhD educator. She’ll share personal stories, reflections, and pearls of wisdom. You’ll also hear a traditional story about things hidden and revealed, and some thoughts and experiences about when those moments of unexpected revelations occur.